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Audit Philosophy

OAS strives to afford clients the highest degree of professionalism and flexibility for rig audit, inspection and project management needs. Depending on client requirements, experts can be provided as needed in a spectrum of disciplines. A single individual or teams of mixed disciplines can undertake work for OAS. OAS conducts business on the underlying philosophy that the use of OAS services will result in benefits to both our client and the other parties involved.

OAS conducts inspection and audit as an independent, unbiased third party. Each audit is performed in accordance with ISO criteria and is conducted to the highest professional standards. All audit data is treated as confidential and is available only to auditee and client unless prior arrangement is made for provision of equipment data to OEM. Formal written reports together with supporting photographic records are presented to our client upon completion of each audit or inspection.

OAS operates under the concept that a successful audit or inspection should benefit all parties involved. By using only professional drilling personnel with extensive field experience, OAS is able to concentrate on consequential issues. Items uncovered in a successfully conducted audit will often result in significant savings to Contractors due to elimination of unplanned repairs and associated downtime. Operators are provided with unbiased data which allows for realistic assessment of risk and exposure associated with the use of a particular rig. Overall rig reliability and safety will be enhanced.

Most commonly, audit has been commissioned by operators for rig pre-qualification or annual inspection purposes. Pre-purchase inspection has also been a function of OAS audit. Contractors have become an increasing client source using third party audit as an upper management evaluation tool and a rig marketing instrument. As the available pool of rigs ages and skilled personnel become increasingly hard to locate, professional third party audit is easily justified.

Each audit performed by OAS is custom tailored to individual client needs. Audit is based on highly developed criteria including qualifying factors defined by Original Equipment Manufacturer, established engineering practices and requirements mandated by DNV, ABS, Lloyds, API, NACE, ASME, HSE, MIGAS, USCG, MMS, IMO MODU code, and SOLAS. Applicable local government regulations are included as needed. Specific client policy criteria are included upon request.