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About Us

The Need

Recognizing a need for innovation, improved customer satisfaction and lower cost in the rig inspection and support service fields, OAS was established in June of 1996 to provide full scope audit inspection and project management services. OAS has been structured to meet the support needs of both operators and contractors. All field personnel have extensive hands-on experience and impressive resumes of past audit, inspection and project management. OAS is a fully insured Texas registered corporation with no affiliation with any drilling or manufacturing organization. This enables OAS to give a completely independent service to our clients. OAS primary business consists of providing expert third party inspection and project management services for drilling rigs and associated oil field equipment.

Each Rig inspection, audit and support service is individually structured to suit the particular needs of each client. OAS does not employ the use of “canned” procedures which often times overlook important factors required by an individual client. Each work-scope is tailored to exact client demands ranging from brief land rig pre-qualification inspections to full scope deep water Rig and BOP upgrades conducted to ISO guidelines.

OAS personnel have been contracted to work on nearly 300 rigs / projects to date. OAS personnel have conducted audits on all configurations of MODU as well as numerous land rigs. They have evaluated, engineered and supervised a number of rig upgrades around the world. OAS clients include many major Operators and Contractors along with smaller companies operating 1 or 2 units. OAS is comprised entirely of experienced field professionals. Our “least” experienced associate has more than 15 years of oilfield experience and OAS average field experience exceeds 25 years. OAS management and core group of experts are full time company employees. Qualified consultants are employed on an as needed basis.

Particular Areas Of Expertise

OAS is able to offer client support for the development of commissioning and acceptance procedures following major rig upgrades and refurbishment activities. OAS specialist mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, marine, IT and planning engineers assist clients to prepare and implement procedures to ensure that the rig will comply with operator requirements, have an acceptable level of reliability and will operate in conformance with all necessary certification and statutory requirements.

Following development of procedures, OAS personnel can further support their clients by providing personnel to ensure acceptance and commissioning procedures are implemented and work is carried out in a timely manner. OAS will provide a support service to assist in integrating the skills of construction yard personnel, vendor representatives and certification authorities with the operator’s requirements.

OAS specialist engineers are able to develop and implement planned inspection and maintenance programs for both onshore and offshore rigs. It can be shown that the cost of this service is paid for in the increased availability of the rigs using such a planned system. There are additional benefits arising from improved safety levels for personnel and better environmental protection.

In the current economic climate it is important that up-to-date rig and equipment valuations are available to assist in financial planning and ensure insurance costs accurately reflect current values. OAS provides a valuation service for existing rigs and the assessment of upgrade improvements with associated costs. To complement this service OAS can assist clients by providing and implementing a cost control and scheduling program to survey AFE values, monitor expenditure, predict trends and demonstrate to clients the financial efficiency of a particular project.

Key issues on any project today are safety of personnel, protection of the environment and security of asset investment. In-depth expertise within the OAS organization enables us to undertake risk assessments, prepare safety cases, conduct HAZOP and review both project plans and operational procedures from a safety viewpoint, environmental protection and operability issues.

Project Management Services

Project management services are customized to meet client needs. OAS has provided project management services ranging from small tasks such as BOP refurbishment to larger undertakings such as offshore rig renovation and upgrading.

OAS also provides personnel to act in the capacity of operators representative supervising rig upgrades in 3rd world countries. This has become an increasingly attractive option to major operators as downsizing has created excessive time demands on full time employees. Personnel are available for both short and long term assignment. Rotational contracts can be arranged for very long term projects.